DPP slams Lien over China parade

Photo Courtesy of CNA
         Photo Courtesy of CNA

By Matthew Strong

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Former Vice President Lien Chan is giving the international community a wrong impression by visiting China at this time, the opposition Democratic Progressive Party said Tuesday.

Lien’s decision to attend a September 3 parade in China commemorating the 1945 World War II victory over Japan has been widely condemned, with even President Ma Ying-jeou describing the trip as inappropriate. Taiwanese leaders are especially displeased at the Chinese Communist Party’s portrayal of itself as the leading force of the resistance against Japan during the 1937-1945 war.

As a former vice president of Taiwan, Lien’s actions not only go completely against the feelings of the Taiwanese people but also give an erroneous message to the international community, DPP spokesman Cheng Yun-peng said Tuesday.

In addition to the different interpretation of the war against the Japanese, Lien should also remember that China’s communist government has not abandoned its threats of violence against Taiwan, Cheng said.

On Monday evening, Lien met Chinese politburo member Yu Zhengsheng, before having talks with China’s president and party leader Xi Jinping Tuesday morning.

Last week, Ma explicitly stated that it was the Taiwanese government’s policy that no serving or former government officials or military officers should attend the September 3 parade, but Lien’s aides said he would make “appropriate comments” about the Taiwanese version of the resistance history.


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