Dengue fever cases reach 4,343

Photo Courtesy of CNA
      Photo Courtesy of CNA

By Ko Lin

The dengue fever outbreak has shown no sign of relenting as the number of dengue cases nationwide reached 4,343 since May, according to Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control (TCDC) on Thursday.

The last recorded figure on August 31 was 3,446, a sharp increase of nearly a thousand newly contracted cases in the span of just two days.

Tainan is the city worst hit by the mosquito-borne disease, with current stats of 3,825 cases this year, a surge from 3,003 since Monday.

In the latest statistics provided by health authorities, Pingtung County already witnessed 18 patients suffering from the disease since May, followed by 13 in New Taipei, 10 in Taichung, seven in Taoyuan, six in Hsinchu County, and four in Chiayi County. Taipei City also saw two cases of dengue patients last month.

CDC Deputy Director-General Chuang Jen-hsiang said the agency didn’t expect the number to shoot up so fast in Tainan, adding that it had expected the epidemic to show signs of relenting beginning last week.

“Besides Tainan, dengue epidemic in the Sanmin District of Kaohsiung has shown signs of easing, whereas districts in Zuoying and Linya remain hotbeds for the mosquito-borne disease,” Chuang said.

The TCDC said it would confirm the exact death toll resulted from dengue fever after reevaluation by a panel of experts.

Tainan city councilors in late August speculated that there were more people dying of the disease than reported.


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