City government reveals preliminary report on student protest

By Ko Lin

The city government unveiled Monday its preliminary report on the high school student protest over curriculum adjustments, a demonstration which consequently led to the arrest of three reporters and 33 others after a group of protestors broke into the Ministry of Education (MOE) building on July 23.

The arrests stirred a huge debacle among politicians and activists who criticized the government and police for encroaching personal freedom and freedom of the press.

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je responded during a borough meeting with the city’s wardens early Monday that the police may or may not be reprimanded as it would not make the policing system any better.

In the aftermath of the incident, Ko said the police department would need to review procedures for dealing with similar incidents in the future, however refusing to punish Zhongzheng First Precinct Police Chief Chang Chi-wen, who was blamed for the journalists’ arrest.

The mayor said the preliminary report can always be reviewed after a three-way discussion between student leaders, journalists and the police in a bid to come to a consensus.

“The initial report is open for critics. We will draw a final one after a consensus is reached between all parties,” Ko said.

When asked if the city government will come to reprimand the police chief for conduct unbecoming, Ko said reporters and police officers have different responsibilities which need to be harmonized, and that punishing the officer in charge would not make the nation’s policing system any better.

Photo Courtesy of CNA
      Photo Courtesy of CNA

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