Dengue fever escalates to 8,022 cases in Tainan

By Ko Lin

While the dengue fever epidemic continues to show no sign of relenting in southern Taiwan, 35 out of 37 administrative districts in Tainan have now succumbed to the mosquito-borne disease, with the number of recorded cases reaching 8,022 since the beginning of summer, reports said Sunday.

As of Saturday, 2,813 cases had been reported in the northern district of Tainan, an increase of 363 new cases over the previous day, according to Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control.

For the city’s remaining areas, the central-western district is the second hardest hit with 1,217 recorded cases since May 1, followed by the southern district with 1,136, Yongkang district 859, Annan district 660, eastern district 612, and Anping district 260 respectively.

The only two districts in Tainan unscathed by the outbreak are Beimen and Longqi, the CDC said.

Local government agencies, schools and communities in Tainan have since worked together to embark on a big cleanup to eradicate mosquito larvae.

Photo courtesy of CNA
  Photo courtesy of CNA

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