KMT legislator blames Lai and Chen for not containing dengue spread

By Ko Lin

Kuomintang Legislator Lee Guei-min blasted Tainan Mayor William Lai and Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu for not doing their jobs in combating the spread of dengue fever, quoting sarcastically that “major calamities are bound to happen when the DPP is in charge,” reports said Wednesday.

During a press conference held at the KMT headquarters in Taipei, Lee urged Lai and Chen not to turn Taiwan into the worst affected area in Southeast Asia plagued by dengue fever, criticizing the latter for making a trip to Paris on a sightseeing tour while she should have stayed in Kaohsiung to oversee the fight against the mosquito epidemic.

“She should know that the welfare of the people supersedes personal political agenda,” he lamented.

Paris was the second of two cities Chen visited during a 10-day trip to France that began last week and was aimed at learning about urban construction and development.

The KMT legislator pointed out that the fatality rate of the mosquito-borne disease has risen to 0.4 percent in Tainan, a figure that is 20 times higher than Singapore’s 0.02 percent.

“We now pose the highest risk of dengue death in Southeast Asia, all thanks to Lai.”

Of the 106 fatalities claimed by dengue fever since the beginning of May, 102 victims came from Tainan alone, Lee said, a number that is higher than the 81 deaths caused by the SARS outbreak that affected Taiwan between 2002 and 2003.

“Lai’s incompetency is a total disgrace,” Lee blamed.

As of Monday, the total number of infections nationwide since the beginning of summer was 25,379, according to figures provided by Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Courtesy of CNA
        Courtesy of CNA

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