Tsai unveils agricultural policies

By Matthew Strong

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidateTsai Ing-wen said Saturday she stood for stable agriculture, safe agriculture and forceful agriculture.

The opposition leader attended a rally of supporters from the farming world in Taoyuan City before posting her agricultural policies online.

By stable agriculture, she said she meant the use of subsidies, farmers’ health insurance, and educational scholarships and subsidies to safeguard farmers’ income. There would also be financial aid to develop sustainable agriculture and promote organic farming for example, while insurance would help out in a more generous way after natural disasters, Tsai said.

The term “safe agriculture” referred to food safety, with the use of international standards leading to growing exports of Taiwanese farming products. Organic and pesticide-free foods would allow for the upgrading of Taiwan’s agriculture and put consumers’ minds at rest, she said.

The concept of “forceful agriculture” would turn farming into a money-making occupation and help farmers to export their products and raise the quality image of Taiwanese food.

The nation’s agriculture should allow its farmers to make money, consumers to buy safe and healthy food, and the country’s image to be improved by exporting quality produce, the opposition leader said.

Tsai has been traveling around the country canvassing support for her January 16 presidential bid. She has been talking to local leaders, including neighborhood wardens, and farmers’ and fishermen’s association members.


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