Chu says ‘perseverance’ will help him win the presidency

By Ko Lin

Kuomintang presidential candidate Eric Chu hoped to pass on the spirit of perseverance as depicted in the blockbuster movie “Kano” onto his political endeavor, reports said Monday.

“We shall prevail in January,” Chu said during a press conference in Chiayi, where he participated in an event to promote tourism for the county’s Alishan forest railway.

KMT’s legislative nominee Wu Yu-jen, who will be standing for Chiayi on January 16, said he has plans to develop the city’s low-carbon tourism based on electric locomotives.

“The Tourism Bureau has plans to purchase additional electric-powered locomotives to replace its ageing fleet of diesel trains,” Wu said, noting that it hopes the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) can help drive Chiayi’s tourism.

Chu said if he was to be elected next January, he has plans to invest in various activities and facilities as measures to improve the quality of tourism in Chiayi.

Accompanied by current KMT Vice Chairperson Huang Min-hui, Chu lauded Huang for having made great achievements in promoting tourism to the city during her nine-year tenure as Chiayi mayor from 2005 to 2014.

“After years of tourism planning and policy guidance there have been significant results in tourism development in all areas of the mountain, costal and plains regions and the communities of Chiayi,” Chu said, adding that under the spirit of perseverance, “impossible situations can become possible miracles.”

Despite having been regarded as the underdog during past local elections, Chu said Huang managed to prevail in the end, who later secured her second mayoral term in 2009.

The KMT presidential candidate exemplified Huang’s winning ticket to his current situation, where he has been seen by many observers as the underdog.

“I will persevere to turn the impossible to possible, and win the presidency next January,” he exclaimed.

Photo Courtesy of CNA
Photo Courtesy of CNA

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