EPA forces VW Golf recall

by Matthew Strong

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – German carmaker Volkswagen will recall its Golf 2.0 diesel models in Taiwan after the Environmental Protection Administration said street tests showed its pollution exceeded laboratory values by up to 600 percent, reports said Saturday.

The tests followed the international scandal about the car group installing software on its diesel cars which allowed it to fool pollution reviews. The revelations led to worldwide reviews and recalls.

The EPA tested three cars, namely two VW Golf 2.0 TDI models and one Golf 1.6 TDI, reports said. When tested outside on the street, the 2.0 versions showed pollution levels between 430 percent and 578 percent higher than those officially registered at laboratory tests. For the 1.6 models, the figures were 35 percent to 159 percent higher than they should have been, reports said.

More tests were necessary, but the recall of an estimated 18,000 VW cars in Taiwan would begin next January, reports said.

The VW models available in the country were mostly imported from Europe, where they did not face the same kind of stringent tests as in the United States, the EPA said. Taiwan’s street testing followed the US example, using the so-called Portable Emission Measurement System.

The EPA said it would continue to conduct tests of the same nature in order to collect more data. While VW had not yet submitted a plan in Taiwan to recall the cars and install more pollution-preventing equipment, a promise for a general recall had been made, the EPA said.

Volkswagen Taiwan said that it was to be expected that street tests would reveal more pollution, since factors like the state of the roads and the habits of the driver would also influence the results. The company said it maintained close communication with the EPA and would conduct a recall as soon as possible.

It was not immediately known whether other models from VW or from its affiliated brands, such as Audi and Skoda, would be involved.


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