Poor air quality in Southern Taiwan hits the roof

By Ko Lin

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) advised residents with chronic lung problems and heart diseases to limit their outdoor activities in Southern Taiwan as air quality in the area will remain extremely poor in the next few days, reports said Sunday.

Districts in Changhua’s Erlin, Tainan’s Hsinyin, and Kaohsiung’s Fengshan and Zuoying are currently witnessing dangerously high levels of PM 2.5 due to a lack of wind to disperse pollutants, according to CWB weather forecast center director Cheng Ming-dean, the

“The key indicator measuring levels of the pollutant PM 2.5 has reached purple, or level 10,” he said.

The country’s 10-tier PM 2.5 index – 10 being the highest – is defined as air pollution that contains fine particles smaller than 2.5 millimeters in diameter and is linked to several chronic health problems, according to the EPA.

Bad air.jpg
Taiwan News


It said level-10 PM 2.5 concentrations exceed 56 micrograms per cubic meter and are considered extremely high, and measurements above level 7 are deemed severe enough to cause tangible discomfort and health problems.

The elderly, or people with asthma may also need to use inhalers more often, Cheng said.


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