Number of employees on unpaid leave rising

By Chia Lee

Ministry of Labor (MOL) revealed the latest figures Monday that the number of employees in Taiwan on leave without pay has increased in the last two weeks of 2015.

As the end of December, 4,756 workers from 57 companies throughout Taiwan were ordered to take unpaid leave, based on MOL figures.

The number of employees on furlough has increased by 379, and was 7.9 percent higher than on December 15; the number of companies who sent their employees on unpaid leave has increased by 8 from 49 to 57, the highest number in three years.

In addition, among the 57 companies, 26 are in the manufacturing sector, and the majority of them were small and medium-sized enterprises with fewer than 50 staff, according to the ministry.

MOL also said that employers who wish to implement furloughs should make sure that they contact local labor authorities and confirm that they meet legal requirements.

The government releases unpaid leave statistics on the first day and the 16th day of every month to update job market conditions.


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