Ma will not retake KMT chair after leaving office: Hu

by Ko Lin

Kuomintang presidential campaign manager Jason Hu responded to media speculations Wednesday that the likelihood of President Ma Ying-jeou retaking the KMT chairmanship after leaving office was extremely low.
“People have this misconception about him needing to take control of everything,” Hu said, citing that Ma will do just fine after relinquishing power on May 20.

Regarding reports that Ma plans to return to the KMT chair to prevent segregation within the party, Hu said the speculations are totally unfounded.

“I do not see this as a possibility. However, I regret that such negative attitudes have been made towards Ma,” he responded to press reporters in the morning, downplaying remarks that Ma will pitch for political power after leaving office.

When asked if Hu intends to vie for KMT chairmanship after the general elections, the campaign manager however responded that such notion never cropped up on his mind.

“Right now my utmost priority is to help campaign for a win on Saturday, nothing else,” he explained.


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