New ID card planned to do without marital status on the outside

by George Liao

A new Taiwan’s National Identification Card is planned to be a chip card and do without marital status on the outside, a Ministry of the Interior official said on Wednesday.
The MOI has planned to set into motion a new National Identification Card, which will incorporate the Citizen Digital Certificate and the National Health Insurance Card. The ministry said the change to the new ID card will begin in 2018.

Jair Lan-pin, deputy director of the ministry’s Department of Household Registration, told a press conference the information contained in the draft ID card is divided into two categories: the outside information and the inside information. The outside information contains name, sex, ID number and photo, while name of spouse and address belong to the inside information.

A multi-purpose IC card is convenient to carry and has an excellent anti-counterfeit mechanism, Jair said, adding that the sample currently released on the website is just a draft.

Deputy Minister of the Interior Jonathan Chen said after consulting experts, the ministry held that marriage status belongs to the realm of personal privacy.

Job interviewers are not legally allowed to ask marital status; so by the same token, the ID card should not reveal marital status either, Chen said.

According to MOI’s plan, the new ID card will carry both English name and Chinese name and use both the Western calendar and the Republic of China calendar on the outside. On the inside the chip will contain both Chinese name and English name, date of birth, sex, ID number, photo, names of parents, name of spouse, household address, military service, card valid date, and optional e-mail address.


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