Volkswagen to recall 18,798 cars in Taiwan beginning March

by Ko Lin


Troubled German carmaker Volkswagen will recall 18,798 cars in Taiwan around next March as a result of a diesel emissions scandal, according to the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA).

In the wake of the emissions scandal, EPA Department of Air Quality and Noise Control Director-General Chen Hsien-heng said the recall will occur in stages and in accordance to different vehicle models.

The first recall beginning March through October will be carried on 10,454 2.0-liter engines belonging to the Volkswagen Group (VAG), including Audis, VWPCs, Skoda, and VWCVs.

The second recall, starting October through end of June next year, will cover 8,343 vehicles for 1.6-liter engines, encompassing VWPCs, Skoda, and VWCVs.

Meanwhile, for 1.2-liter VWPCs, the engine management software can be remapped beginning this June.

According to the carmaker’s Taiwan branch, each engine remap will take between 30 minutes to one hour depending on vehicle model.

The emissions scandal was exposed last September when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that emissions control software was being used on Volkswagen diesel cars to meet American environmental standards through defeat codes in their onboard computer systems to fool emissions-testing equipment.

The German automaker later admitted cheating in emissions tests on around 11 million diesel vehicles globally.


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