Tsai appears at 2 final rallies

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen closed off her campaign for the January 16 election with appearances at rallies in Banqiao and in front of the Presidential Office Building Friday evening.

Despite the rain, thousands of supporters turned up at both sites, in New Taipei City and in the capital, where the new president will be sworn in on May 20. The DPP said it was hoping for a total of 100,000 supporters at the two locations.

In Banqiao, Tsai called on her supporters to follow her “on the last mile to Ketagalan Boulevard,” the road in front of the Presidential Office.

Over the past final “Golden Week” of campaigning, Tsai traveled up from Taiwan’s southernmost Pingtung County, where her family hails from, all the way up to the North, widely considered a stronghold of the ruling Kuomintang.

One of the other speakers at Friday’s rally, former Premier Su Tseng-chang, once a presidential hopeful himself, said voters should also give the DPP a majority at the Legislative Yuan, otherwise reforms would only be half.

Singer and former lawmaker Yu Tien warned against complacency, saying it would be dangerous to assume that the election had already been won. He cautioned citizens not to stay at home Saturday but to make sure to go out and vote.

Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu and vice-presidential candidate Chen Chien-jen were scheduled to appear at the Taipei City event.

Tsai has emphasized she wants to heed the public’s call for thorough reforms, while maintaining the status quo in relations with China.


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