Academics see new hope of progress, democratization under DPP rule

by Ko Lin


With Taiwan’s presidential and legislative elections now over, academics and observers have expressed hope that the new government can further propel economic developments throughout the nation, reports said Sunday.

“Economic development is necessary for democracy to take hold,” Taiwan History associate research fellow Wu Rwei-ren said.

Standing out from the sea of green and taking five seats in the Legislative Yuan, the New Power Party (NPP) is making a stand for the third force in Taiwan, Wu said. It is said that the foundation of NPP is closely related to the Sunflower Movement, which is when a new dynamic was brought into the long stagnated Taiwanese political environment by young adults, he added.

“The third-party force will continue to reshape Taiwan’s political scene in the foreseeable future.”

The research fellow said the tug-of-war issue on reunification and independence has always been part of the spotlight in Taiwan’s partisan politics, notably between the Democratic Progressive Party and the Kuomintang.

“The new government under the DPP will help nurture conservative and progressive forces as their model of development, with the likes of the United States and the United Kingdom,” he said.

Wu however pointed out that he was fairly astounded by KMT’s wide margin of defeat, noting that its future demise will become even more apparent should it continue to stray away from popular opinion.


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