Health authorities fine three food vendors for false labeling

By Ko Lin

Three companies have been fined for serving processed meat that contains mixed traces of animal ingredients, reports said Monday.

The Taipei city government’s Department of Health charged food supplier Black Bridge, and two popular breakfast stores JSP and Duo Bao Duo for falsifying the labeling of their meat patties under the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation.

The grilled beef jerky sold by Black Bridge were found to contain traces of pork meat, while JSP and Duo Bao Duo both served hamburger patties, which claim to have only ham, to also contain chicken.

Under the Act, false labeling of food or misleading claims are subject to fines of between NT$40,000 and NT$4 million (US$1,213 to US$121,304), and the products involved are to be recalled and cannot be sold until the problem is corrected, authorities said.

The source of the beef jerky was traced back to a manufacturer based in Tainan, but after preliminary investigation by local health authorities, they did not find traces of pork residues during its production process. According to officials in Taipei, the investigation is still undergoing.

Meanwhile, the meat patties used by the breakfast stores was found to be from an upstream supplier based in new Taipei, but the operator of the establishment claimed that it neither store nor process chicken meat.

With the approach of the Chinese New Year holidays, authorities in Taipei have since randomly sampled 24 processed meats, dried foods and sausage products to examine whether they contained residues other than the claimed ingredients on their packaging.

Among the products that failed the inspection, three were found for false labeling, reports said.



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