Tsai speaks of 4 core elements for cross-strait relations

by Sophia Yang

Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) chairperson and president-elect Tsai Ing-wen said in an interview with the Liberty Times that she will endeavor to maintain the status quo while cultivating harmonious relations with China as stated in her policy plan under the existing Republic of China Constitution.

Tsai won the presidency in the elections this past weekend, with her party taking control of the legislature by securing 68 out of a total of 113 seats, its first-ever absolute majority.

In her first media interview since being elected on Saturday evening, Tsai Ing-wen touted plans and ideas on cross-strait relations, Cabinet formation reforms, and so on, reiterating her promises of reform, cooperation and stability.

Speaking of cross-strait relations, Tsai said she will honor the mainstream public opinion of “maintaining the status quo” and will establish consistent, predictable and sustainable relations with China. She added that both sides should bear the responsibility to make their utmost effort to reach that end.

Tsai noted she understands and respects the historical fact that Taiwan and China reached some mutual understandings and shared cognitions through several rounds of talks in 1992. “The fruits of exchanges and talks between both sides since 1992 should be upheld; we will promote peaceful development of the cross-strait relations on the basis of the existing political foundation,” she continued.

Asked to elaborate further on the meaning of the “existing political foundation,” Tsai said it should carry four core elements: first, the historical fact of cross-strait talks in 1992 and the common ground shared by both sides despite the differences; second, the existing Constitutional system of the Republic of China; third, the fruits of exchanges and talks between both sides over the past two decades; fourth, Taiwan’s democratic principles and the common public opinions.


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