Tsai receives election certificate

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – President-elect Tsai Ing-wen and Vice President-elect Chen Chien-jen on Friday received the certificate from the Central Election Commission naming them as the winners of the January 16 election.
Tsai and Chen received 6.89 million votes, or 56 percent, leaving Kuomintang leader Eric Liluan Chu behind with 31 percent and People First Party Chairman James Soong with 12 percent.
CEC Chairman Liu I-chou personally delivered the official document to Tsai and Chen Friday, almost a week after the event.
“This is not just a certificate showing that I won the election, it is a letter of employment given to me by the people,” Tsai said. “I will hold on to the document, and put the responsibility the certificate has given me in my heart.”
Tsai thanked Liu for successfully managing the election, which signified another step forward for Taiwan’s young democracy. She also emphasized that much improvement was still needed to deepen democracy, naming electoral reform and the handover period.
The Democratic Progressive Party leader said she realized full well that the power she had came from the people, and that the people could take it away again if her government did not perform well.
Tsai said the public could rest assured that they could trust her with the power of the president, and that reform would be at the front and center of her work. Because the DPP had been defeated in the past, it knew even better how valuable the new opportunity was, Tsai reportedly said.
She told her supporters that it was impossible to bring about reform in one go, but that if the first step was not set, it would never come about. The DPP chairwoman also emphasized the importance of solidarity and of leaving the enthusiasm of the election campaign behind in favor of rational cooperation.


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