We stand by the people of Tainan: Tsai

by Ko Lin


President-elect Tsai Ing-wen extended her gratitude Sunday to men and women serving on the frontlines of massive search and rescue efforts in Tainan, a city that has witnessed more than two dozen casualties and hundreds of injured in the wake of Saturday’s earthquake in southern Taiwan.

“At this moment in time, we stand by the people of Tainan,” Tsai quoted on her Facebook page in the morning, citing that: “We will not give up hope. Go Tainan! Go Taiwan!”

In the eve of the Lunar New Year gathering, I hereby extend my heartfelt condolences to families of those lost loved ones, she wrote.

“Rescue teams are now working round the clock as they face a race against time to reach those stranded. We must all stick together in this dire moment.”

She also thanked the people working in the field of wreckage as they combed through rubble and debris looking for survivors.

More than thousands of rescuers, including members of the armed forces, are taking part in the search across Tainan, with support from the military’s life detectors and sniffer dogs. Medical teams in southern Taiwan are all standing by to receive those injured in the earthquake.

A magnitude 6.4 quake shook the southern Taiwan just before 4 a.m. Saturday. The shallow quake caused severe damage to several large structures, including a number of residential buildings where authorities said hundreds reside.

The death toll continues to rise as relief efforts carry on into the evening.


11-year-old boy located inside collapsed Weiguan debris; rescue underway

Good news continue to stream in as rescue teams confirmed Sunday that a 11-year-old boy living in Block B of the Weiguan Jinlong has been located after been trapped under the rubble for the last 30 hours.

The boy’s identity was established after he tried calling for outside help via Line, a communication app which allows users to make free voice calls and messages, similar to the features of WhatsApp, a highly-popular communication tool in Europe and the United States.

As of press time, 117 people were still trapped in the wreckage of Weiguan Jinglong building that collapsed during a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Tainan early Saturday, officials said.


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