Students, university clash over 228

by Matthew Strong


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A dispute erupted at Taipei’s prestigious National Chengchi University after a college official ripped up a student association poster marking the anniversary of the 228 Incident, reports said Saturday.

Sunday is the 69th anniversary of an uprising against the Kuomintang rule of President Chiang Kai-shek, which was followed by the death of thousands, initially during fighting and executions, and later during years of repression known as the White Terror.

Members of a student group at the NCCU known as Wild Fire put up posters to commemorate victims of the 228 Incident Friday, but a university education official named as Chang Hui-ling reportedly took them down and tore them up.
Students put the footage of the incident online, leading to protests by other student associations accusing the university of restricting free speech. Wild Fire said it only wanted to tell fellow students about the history of Taiwan and its tragic past.

The NCCU responded by saying the conflict was based on a misunderstanding. According to the rules for putting posters and leaflets up on campus, no permission was required, but the name of the publisher or organizer and the date needed to be mentioned, while the number of posters in one area was limited to five, the college said.

A statue of Chiang on campus was later packaged in plastic bags, reportedly out of fear that students might express their anger over the incident by damaging the statue. Wild Fire has reportedly demanded the removal of the effigy from the campus because it symbolizes dictatorship and repression, reports said.


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