Taiwan to move toward nuclear-free homeland: DPP

by Chia Lee

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) spokesman Juan Chao-hsiung stated Friday the party’s four major propositions for its plan to turn Taiwan into a “nuclear-free homeland” by 2025.

First, stop the building of the fourth nuclear power plant without extending the operation lifetimes of the current three nuclear plants; second, carry out safety supervision management on the affiliated nuclear power plants and strengthen national nuclear emergency mechanism; third, demand the Taipower to submit a report on the plan with a cost estimation for decommissioning; fourth, seek for social consensus on nuclear waste disposal site.

Heavy dependence on imported energy and over-reliance on nuclear and thermal power are the major energy security challenges that Taiwan is facing right now, said Juan, adding that DPP’s “new energy policy” is aimed at resolving these fundamental problems.

To move towards a nuclear-free homeland by 2025, the new government will initiate the “new energy policy” once it takes office, said Juan, including energy sector innovation, carbon reduction, green energy development and technology innovation.


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